Soda Lake – San Luis Obispo County – California Valley

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Here is a big ranchette, not far from some we have sold in the past, in Central California located in San Luis Obispo County, east of Santa Margarita and just west of the hills that separate the county from the Kern County Line. You will be buying a square-shaped property that measures approximately 110 yards by 110 yards and totals over 108,000 square feet and has frontage on Camino Trail between Edgewood Road and Boulder Creek Road. The property also has proximity to Soda Lake, as you can see in the aerial from the Google Maps link below. This large subdivision sits in a vast valley at the north end of Soda Lake, about 20 minutes from the Kern County Line and south of State Highway 58, about an hour from San Luis Obispo. The land sits in a large valley and has a flat to a very mild rolling terrain. Power and utilities are available a block away from the corner of the lot, and there are homes nearby as well, including one southwest of the property. This area is dominated by agricultural land, ranch land, and the other lots here in California Valley.

As mentioned, the property is square in shape and measures 330 feet of frontage on Camino Road, 330 feet along the right edge of the property, which runs along Chowchilla Trail, 330 feet along the left edge of the property. Finally, 330 feet along the rear edge, the property has road access. The entire parcel totals 108,900 square feet (2.5 acres). The property sits in the Valley at the very northeastern region of Soda Lake, and there are homes scattered throughout the subdivision and one right across the street. The topography is relatively flat to very slightly rolling in a couple of properties (see photos) and is covered with native brush. As mentioned, power is available about a block away from the lot, right on the road. The area is dominated mainly by similar parcels, and there are lovely sweeping views of the nearby mountains and valleys. The annual property taxes are less than $200 per year. We purchased this property and performed a title search, guaranteeing a clear title and allowing them to buy with confidence.

GPS: 35.28383, -119.9204

San Luis Obispo County APN# 083-081-022.

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